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Winterize your home with Window Well Covers

There are many different areas when winterizing your home that everyone thinks about. Items like closing off their water to closing your crawl spaces up for the winter. What do you normally do for your window well?

For example, look at the two trees by this house, one was planted and the other wasn't. If the homeowner would have covered the well we wouldn't have gotten this amazing picture. This being said the slopped hinged window well cover would have solved this problem and others.

This is what we don't want to have to happen in the winter. This is one of the biggest hazards that you as a homeowner can have. I have a couple of questions for you. How would you get out of that room in the basement? and two what would happen if it all turned to ice instead of fluffy snow? Both of these issues are hazards in an emergency. Maybe they thought that because they have cement wells that there weren't covers for them. We offer covers for all styles ( Cement and corrugated Steel) of covers.

Lastly, when we are looking into winterizing our house we can't forget to get the well cleaned out and if you haven't got the well covered it's a piece of mind even in the summer.

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