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Why Do You Need To Cover Your Window Well?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Call SunWolf today (866-678-6738) to find a window well cover solution. If one of our covers is not a perfect fit, we will help you understand what steps you can take to solve your situation.

Here are the reasons why you should consider a window well cover for your home:

sunwolf window well cover dog and child playing ball near window well


A SunWolf window well cover protects you and your family from immediate danger of falling into a window well. It also prevents pets or wildlife from entering your window well, which could cause harm to themselves or to your egress window. Open window wells can be a hazard that is easily preventable.

Most basement egress window wells are more than 36" (3 feet) deep! These depths are very capable of causing personal injury to your or your family. A SunWolf cover is built to hold over 400 pounds while still being easily opened in the case of an emergency. On the other hand, most acrylic and plexiglass window well covers simply cannot withstand a fall from a person.

Weather, Leaves & Wildlife

Weather, such as rain and snow, can wreak havoc on an egress window and your foundation. Too much rain against your home's foundation can cause water to leak into the basement. If a window well is left uncovered, or worse yet, if you have a poorly designed cover on your window well, your window well can fill with water or snow. This leads to issues with water in your basement. SunWolf covers are sloped from the back to the front to force water away from your foundation and keep excess moisture out of your window well.

Accumulated leaves in your window well are not only an inconvenience, but also a safety hazard if you need to use the egress in case of an emergency. By prepping your window well with a SunWolf cover before the leaves fall, you can rest assured your window well will stay leaf free and ready for use.

Your uncovered window well could fill with rain, snow, dirt and leaves. Beyond the frequent cleaning necessary and potential damage to your foundation, you may notice this culmination of damp atmosphere sounds like a perfect space for wildlife to inhabit. Frogs and snakes are known to fall into uncovered window wells all too often, causing an uncomfortable animal rescue on the homeowner's part or a call to a costly pest control service.

sunwolf window well cover ventilation hinges allow air flow

Curb Appeal

When you see a SunWolf window well cover on a window well from the street, you know the family took the time to effectively protect themselves and those around them with the best window well cover solution possible.

SunWolf's sleek design is available in white or bronze to complement your home's foundation or siding.


SunWolf window well covers are the perfect fit for your Monarch or Boman Kemp window well. Keep your family and home safe with the best window well cover solution on the market.

What is keeping you from adding a window well cover today?

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