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How to Install Window Well Covers: The [Best] Way to Protect Your Basement

What are window wells?

Window wells are reinforced holes in the ground around below-ground or partially below-ground basement windows. They are designed to hold surrounding earth away from the windows so they can let in light and be opened for ventilation.

Window well covers are sheets of material, usually metal or plastic, designed to fit over window wells and prevent people or animals from falling into them. They also keep rainwater and snow from collecting in window wells, preventing potential basement flooding caused by water accumulating inside the well. Window well covers provide peace of mind during heavy rainfall or snowfall as they help prevent water damage to walls and floors around the basement windows.

What are the benefits of installing window well covers?

1. Reduce the risk of injury

Window well covers help to prevent injuries and drowning by providing a physical barrier between the outside and the inside of a window well.

By providing a barrier, window well covers prevent children from falling into the wells and also deter criminals from accessing them. This helps to reduce the risk of injury.

2. Protect against debris and pests

Window well covers provide protection against debris and pests by covering the window wells. This prevents leaves, insects, children, and adults from falling into the wells.

The covers also provide a barrier against potential intruders and prevent any unwanted visitors from entering your home through the window wells. Additionally, they can keep out pests such as mosquitoes, and frogs that may otherwise be attracted to standing water in the well. Window well covers also come with a warranty that ensures they will last for many years without needing any repairs or replacements.

3. Reduce the risk of basement flooding

Window well covers can help reduce the risk of basement flooding by preventing rain and snow from entering the window wells.

By preventing rain and snow from entering window wells, less water will be trapped inside, reducing the potential for basement flooding.

4. Provide additional light and ventilation to the basement

Window well covers are designed to fit over basement windows and provide protection from rain, snow, and animals. They also prevent the leaves and other organic items from falling into the window wells and allow for ventilation.

By covering the window wells with a sheet of material such as metal or plastic, light can still enter into the basement while preventing any debris or precipitation from entering. Additionally, ventilating hinges on the window well cover allow air to circulate throughout the space for better ventilation.


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