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Best Measuring techniques

Some may wonder what is the correct way to measure different styles of wells. Most wells have a sticker and/or engraved measuring already inside the well. However, not all are readable or even sometimes you can't find it. We stock some of the most common sizes made by the two largest Egress Well companies in the USA. Below is a simple chart on how to measure your well.

There are different types of wells from steel to cement to plastics. Each one can be of different sizes. Monarch and Boman Kemp keep their steel wells in a couple of basic sizes. Some home builders are now doing cement wells, and they are either square or have a slight curve. There are no standard wells in the cement field that are that size. If you have a cement well it is either option 1 or 2.

Finally, the last measurement is the distance from the well to the top of the window. You want your well to be above the window ideally. However, not all are installed that way so you want to make sure the top of the well is less than 5in from the top of the window well trim.

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